Spell Scrolls:

You will be able to find a magic academy in every town. The wise and old mages of the academies will help you crafting a spell scroll, if you bring them the right ingredients. Monsters in Elderan will drop creature products, which can be used to craft spell scrolls but also addons. But first of all what is a spell scroll? Well it's simple. A spell scroll has the same effects than an ordinary rune. They exist in almost every variation and they hold more charges than simple runes. Once the power and charges are depleted the leaders of the magic academies will help you to recharge them for a fee of gold. The hard part is to collect all creature products needed for spell scrolls. BUT! Once you have grinded all the necessary products for a scroll the reward is huge. You will never have to worry about making runes of the type of your spell scroll anymore.

Light Magic Missile: Can be obtained for free or bought for 500 gold coins in any magic academy by asking for 'light magic missile'.
Charges: 500x
Recharge: 500 gold coins

Heavy Magic Missile: Can be obtained by handing in 50 Ghoul head, 30 Cyclops Skirt, 30 rotten heart, 20 vials of unicorn blood and 1 demonic book.
Charges: 500x
Recharge: 9000 gold coins

Ultimate Healing: Can be obtained by handing in 100 minotaur hoof, 20 beholder tentacle, 30 goat head, 50 dragon wings and 1 dragon head.
Charges: 100x
Recharge: 14.000 gold coins

Great Fireball Can be obtained by handing in 20 demon skeleton skull, 15 banshee tears, 50 ancient scarab shell, 50 green dragon scales and 1 dragon egg.
Charges: 200x
Recharge: 17.500 gold coins

Explosion Can be obtained by handing in 100 spider webs, 40 hero cape, 30 behemoth horns, 20 bonebeast head and the darkest heart.
Charges: 300x
Recharge: 25.000 gold coins

Sudden Death Can be obtained by handing in 50 giant beholder eyes. The rest of the list is secret.
Charges: 100x
Recharge: 30.000 gold coins