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07 December 2022 (04:14) We have extended the 'Library' Section with useful information about Elderan.
08 July 2024 (12:00) by Elderan Staff - New Seasonal Gameworld

Dear Elderan community!

We have very exciting news. For the first time ever, there will be a brand-new server type. Over the past years, we have received alot of feedback, that some players enjoy quick and fast paced fun without committing too much. It is now mid-summer and this is the perfect opportunity to release our new seasonal summer-fun server. The server/season will be called Summerbreak. The season will give players the chance to enjoy and explore the content of Elderan, while winning exclusive and unique prizes. At the end of the season, prizes will be given out to players. The seasonal server will will not merge with Primis and has an end date. We will summarize the most important facts below.

- The server will have higher XP rates, loot rates, skill rates, shiny rates.
- The server will not have a PvP protection and will have higher amount of frags.
- Certain store products will be significantly cheaper & house auction will be up for max. 24 hours.
- There will be special events & raids, which will happen from time to time.
- Every participant that reaches atleast level 50, will get special discord rank.
- A season will last between 75-90 days, after a season very unique and valueable prizes will be given out to players, who participated.
- Depending on the prize, certain goals have to be fulfiled. E.g. All players that have reached level 100 will participate in a raffle to receive prizes. (Prizes can be unique prizes such as steam coupons, tibia coins/prizes e.g ferumbras hat, unique and rare Elderan items or outfits such as the Mystical Hero outfit. (the exact list of prizes and goals will be posted soon). The mystical hero outfit will be strictly limited & can be redeemed on Primis or future servers and can be used on all characters of your account.

The pure goal of Summerbreak will be giving players alot of fun, because at the end of the day, that's what it's all about! Please also let us hear your feedback and ideas to make Summerbreak even more fun! You can also share your expectations for rates, fraglimits etc. You can use a newly created channel in discord ‚Ā†summerbreak-feedback ! The exact start-date will be posted very soon!!

If you haven't joined our discord server yet, you are more than welcome!

Let's make this summer great. We will see you there!

The Elderan team!

We are happy to announce that both servers have now be merged into one server! You can find Primis on please also use the client from this website.

Additionally all house auctions have been set to 12 hours!

Below we have listed the most important information & a guide.

Please open a support ticket in discord under the category account issues, if your account/character is affected in the following cases.

-Your account number or password is not correct on login? Your account is affected by a account number change, please open a ticket.
-Your store items do not work anymore? This is the case if your account number was changed, please open a ticket.
-You have lost a VIP house? Please open a ticket with the name of the houses, previous server and your character name.
-Your name was changed and you would like a different one, please open a ticket.

We are also happy to announce a double skill event starting from 28th june to the server save of the 2nd july!

30 November 2023 (16:18) by GM Edward - New Server Launch

Dear Elderans!

So the hot news are finally out and a new server is officially confirmed for the 6th december 2023! Mark this day well in your calenders, as many of you know that new server launches are a very rare and special event in the lands of Elderan. A new server launch for us is something very unique and we are are not known to make multiple launches yearly. We have received alot of requests the past weeks and months and the demand for a completely fresh new world is immense. That's why we want to give new players but also old players the chance to try out Elderan on a completely fresh and new server, where everyone plays from level 1 and no challenge has yet been completed. Our old server Primis will turn 2 years this december and we are happy to say that after this long road, we still have an active community that stayed loyal to us for all this time. Primis will be unaffected by the new server launch and will like the last 2 years already proven never get a reset. We value every single player and we thank you for the road you have been going with us hand in hand! We are sure that a new server will bring in many new interested players, that once they try out Elderan will love the game and the community! Specially now with the positive feedback, about our new graphic we received from our existing player base it is the perfect time to show the world how great and unique Elderan is. This being said here are some important points for next week wednesday the 6th december:

- The new server will launch at Wednesday, the 6th december at 19:00 CET.
- The account creation and client will be available on the 5th or 6th december.
- The new server Optimus will have a Experience rate of x2 and a skillrate of x1.
- For old players from Primis your new account will be synced with premium time.
- There will be a special offer like last launches, where you can receive a item, that is part of the glory set.
- If you are a content creator and interested in streaming your new adventurer, please contact us for the chance of a cooperation!

To new adventurers and new friends!
Your Elderan Team

27 November 2023 (11:11) by GM Edward - Library of the Stars

Thanks again for all feedback, bug reports and suggestions. We had a open ear and made changes accordingly:

- Added two new monsters including task + bounty (Dark Cultist, Dark Priestess).
- Made map adjustments in Sharir spawn & Grim Reaper Spawn.
- Lowered the price of enchanted melee training weapons from 42.000 to 14.400 gold coins & from 13 points to 6 points.
- Lowered the price of enchanted distance and magic training weapons from 42.000 to 16.800 gold coins & from 103 points to 48 points.
- Lowered the price of enduring melee training weapons from 336.000 to 115.200 gold coins & from 13 points to 7 points.
- Lowered the price of enduring distance and magic training weapons from 336.000 to 134.400 gold coins & from 103 points to 56 points.
- Fixed a bug with the poison field of Basilisk.
- Fixed a visual but with Assassin in Bounty & Task.
- Fixed a bug with buying the spell 'Conjure Heavy Fragement'.
- Desert Fox now gives 10 bounty points.
- Fixed a bug with enchanted training wand charge from task.
-You now have to adress the house NPCs with the name.
- Slightly increased the drop chance of dwarven gemstone.

We also have extremely exciting news. We are happy to finally present you with one of your favourite places completely remade! We are talking about Demona. The place is now called Library of the Stars and has an exciting new layout and new places with new monsters. We added a couple of quests and secrets waiting for you to be figured out!

22 November 2023 (10:14) by GM Edward - Feedback changes

Thanks for all your feedback on yesterday's patch, we already made first changes accordingly:

- Added Forge Slots to Dwarven Legs & added Classification 2.
- Highered the attack of Heavy Fragments.
- Druid and Sorcerer can now use a new spell, which creates 10 heavy fragments.
- Alchemy Table will now finish fragments in 4 hours instead of 10 hours.
- Alchemy Table will now finish demonbone bolts in 8 hours instead of 10 hours.
- Alchemy Table will now finish heavy fragments in 4 hours instead of 10 hours.
- Alchemy Table will now produce 1000 heavy fragments instead of 500.
- Alchemy Table will now produce 990 demonbone bolts instead of 750.
- Significantly reduced the amount of gems needed to craft fragments.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug with rat task in Rookgaard.
- Fixed Type Mistake when buying the spell 'Conjure Fragment'.
- Fixed a bug where Hireling was not selling furniture & ammunition.
- Fixed a bug where you could not buy ammunition in Edron.
- Fixed a couple of map bugs.
- Fixed Energy Protection on Eagle Shield.

If you still have ordinary elemental fragments laying around, we will give you a one time opportunity to trade them for heavy elemental fragments with a 4:1 rate e.g. 2000 fire fragments can be traded for 500 heavy fire fragment, please contact any of the admins to do so.

Thanks again for the amazing and constructive feedback! We always have a open ear and are eager to your feedback and wishes!