Who is online?

Name: Guild: Level: Vocation:
Njordtheknight 41 Noble Knight
NjordtheAncient The Ancients 62 Ancient Druid
Atomic Hairy Few 257 Ancient Druid
Bonk Smash 221 Noble Knight
Lina Bo Rise of Darkness 453 Noble Knight
Jibblin 425 Mystical Sorcerer
Fory Forsaken 301 Runic Paladin
Stormlord 343 Ancient Druid
Eltopo Sabe 82 Ancient Druid
Keira 187 Ancient Druid
Raven 222 Noble Knight
Loner Legends 160 Paladin
Archmage Fury Legends 93 Ancient Druid
Dark Dimension Legends 265 Mystical Sorcerer
Rjay 258 Runic Paladin
Droiggar 233 Noble Knight