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[#57] 30 November 2023 (16:18) by GM Edward - New Server Launch

Dear Elderans!

So the hot news are finally out and a new server is officially confirmed for the 6th december 2023! Mark this day well in your calenders, as many of you know that new server launches are a very rare and special event in the lands of Elderan. A new server launch for us is something very unique and we are are not known to make multiple launches yearly. We have received alot of requests the past weeks and months and the demand for a completely fresh new world is immense. That's why we want to give new players but also old players the chance to try out Elderan on a completely fresh and new server, where everyone plays from level 1 and no challenge has yet been completed. Our old server Primis will turn 2 years this december and we are happy to say that after this long road, we still have an active community that stayed loyal to us for all this time. Primis will be unaffected by the new server launch and will like the last 2 years already proven never get a reset. We value every single player and we thank you for the road you have been going with us hand in hand! We are sure that a new server will bring in many new interested players, that once they try out Elderan will love the game and the community! Specially now with the positive feedback, about our new graphic we received from our existing player base it is the perfect time to show the world how great and unique Elderan is. This being said here are some important points for next week wednesday the 6th december:

- The new server will launch at Wednesday, the 6th december at 19:00 CET.
- The account creation and client will be available on the 5th or 6th december.
- The new server Optimus will have a Experience rate of x2 and a skillrate of x1.
- For old players from Primis your new account will be synced with premium time.
- There will be a special offer like last launches, where you can receive a item, that is part of the glory set.
- If you are a content creator and interested in streaming your new adventurer, please contact us for the chance of a cooperation!

To new adventurers and new friends!
Your Elderan Team