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07 December 2022 (04:14) We have extended the 'Library' Section with useful information about Elderan.
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[#54] 21 November 2023 (12:52) by GM Edward - Major Elderan Update

Dear players

We are happy to announce that we achieved a huge milestone in Elderan. Elderan was dressed in completely new 'clothes'. This was only possible due to the great community. Thanks for going this way with us! Additionally we have added alot of changes which were suggested and requested in our discord channels such as the suggestion channel. You can find a whole list below! We will see you in-game! Thanks!

Graphic Change

-Elderan has received a new graphic.


-Rookgaard got a huge revamp and is now called Paradise.
-Added new spawns for the new monsters.
-Revamped the way to Demona. (Demona final change will come the next days).

Forge + Talents

-The default chance of critical hits with two-handed weapons and crossbow is lowered from 15% to 10%. -Forging the legendary slot 'Fatality' on your weapon will not just boost the damage from now on but also higher the chance to crit from 10% to 15%.
-Forging the legendary slot 'Mastermind' on your helmet will not just increase your critical hits with magic spells/runes but also higher the default chance to crit from 10% to 12%.


-Highered the damage of Freeze Missiles.
-Highered the damage of Great Icestorm Runes.
-Highered the damage of Great Fireball Runes.
-Highered the damage of Sudden Death Runes.
-Highered the damage of Hail of Arrows.
-Highered the attack value of Explosive Arrows from 25 to 28. Also highered the damage formula for them.
-Highered the damage of Holy Grenade.
-Slighty lowered the damage of Explosion, due to holy element ignoring armor.
-Paladins can now use the reworked 'Winterstorm' rune if the requirement of magic level 18 is fulfiled.


- Monsters will stay on the Knight after casting exeta res for 6 seconds.
- Highered the damage of Freeze Missiles.
- Highered the damage of Great Icestorm Runes.
- Highered the damage of Great Fireball Runes.
- Highered the damage of Explosion Runes.
- Highered the damage of Berserk & Strong Berserk.
- Lowered the mana cost of Strong Berserk from 480 to 400.


-Buffed all runes for sorcerer and druids.
-Highered the damage of Frost Storm & Ultimate Explosion.
-Added a new fragment in all magic shops 'Heavy magic fragment', that deals area damage when used with a wand with Outburst. Same as before it can be upgraded to other elements at the alchemy tables.
-Adjusted the price of magic fragments from 3 gold to 5 gold.
-Highered the damage of all fragments.
-The damage of the new 'Heavy Fragments' is lower than the single target fragments.
-Highered the damage of Ultimate Explosion.
-Highered the damage of Frost Storm.
-Reworked the rune 'Winterstorm'. The rune now deals the same damage as an Sudden Death Rune as ice instead of physical. It can only be conjured by Ancient Druids and can be used by every vocation if mlvl of atleast 18 is fulfiled.
-The rune 'Twin Killer' can now be used by sorcerers and druids.


- Adjusted the defense and armor value of all monsters.
- Lowered the self healing of Phoenix.
- Highered the experience of a couple monsters.
- Adjusted loot of most monsters. This can be better or worse depending on factors like  hp/xp ratio, damage


-Added a new spellscroll to the spellscroll NPCs. Winterstorm.
-Highered the attack of Small Stones to 5.
-Highered the attack of Knife to 5.
-Highered the attack of Sickle to 5.
-Highered the attack of Crowbar to 5.
-Highered the attack of Explosive Arrows to 28.
-Added 3 beginner weapons to Rookgaard.
-Added new items like armors etc.
-Added a weak magic fragment.
-Highered the attack of Throwing Stars to 30 and adjusted the breaking chance from 10% to 5%.
-Added a +4% physical modifier to Dwarven Legs.
-Highered the npc price of strand of blueberries to 57gp each.
-Lowered the price of big mana fluids from 140gp to 133gp each.
-All equipable spellbooks are now showing spells.
-Lowered the weight of rune belt to 1.2 oz.
-Lowered the weight of blank runes to 0.5 oz.
-Slightly lowered the cap of blank runes and all runes.
-Renamed Assassin Kunai to Assassin Star.
-Highered the attack of Elven Arrow to 36.
-Wooden Training Weapons can now inflict damage and have 1 attack value.
-Highered the attack of fragments and removed the AoE damage. You now have to use Heavy Fragments for the AoE effect.
-Added a new heavy fragment with lower attack that deals AoE damage when used with Outburst on Wand.

General Changes

-Added 3 new spells: 'Lesser Light Healing', 'Conjure Weak Fragment' & 'Conjure Fragment'
-Conjuring runes don't yield fragments anymore.
-Buffed the melee and distance formulas. Depending on your skills you will deal high minimum hits from now on.
-Single usage alchemy tables can be bought on furniture NPC for 3550gp.
-All Alchemy Tables turned into Golden Alchemy Tables, which unlike the NPC version for 3550gp not vanish after 1 cooking process.
-Added new training weapons that can be bought at the mana shop NPC or store.
-Hireling now sells parcels.
-Wooden Training Weapons are now slower and can be used on Golden House Dummies. They are still permanent and won't kick you from the game.
-Removed the Old Demons at Anni Quest and replaced them with Demons.
-You can now access the Druid island on other vocations.
-Fixed a bug with defense value not calculated correctly depending on the fight mode. The armor and defense has been adjusted of all monsters.


-Adjusted the rewards of some tasks.
-Added a new Dwarf Geomancer Task.
-Added a new Witch Task.
-Added a new Tarantula Task.
-Added a new Monk Task.
-Added a new Giant Eagle Task.
-Added a new Ogre Task.
-Added a new Basilisk Task.
-Added a new Fox Task.
-Added a new Assassin Task.